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Search Tips

Browse by Field of Interest | Search | Filtering Your Results | Advanced Search | Frequently Asked Search Questions

There are general ways to search for products. Whichever method you choose, our powerful search engine makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

Browse by field of interest

1. Browse by Field of Interest

We recommend this search method because it takes you on a guided tour of the materials we have, organized by topic, making it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

To browse by field of interest:

  • Click on your field of interest on the left of the search screen.
  • You'll then see either a results list of products or a menu of subcategories within your field of interest. Continue clicking through these subcategories until you come to a list of applicable products.

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2. Search


Entering a product's item number in the Search field makes reordering a favorite product or ordering from a catalog a breeze!

Simply type the item number in the Search box and click the "Search" button. You'll either go directly to that product's detail screen, where you can place your order, or go to a results list that gives you the choices you are looking for.

You can also search for products by keyword(s). To search across our entire database, type a keyword or phrase in the Search box and click the "Search" button. This will deliver a list of all products related to the keyword or phrase you've typed in.

Because Search enables you to search across all fields of interest, your results list may be very long. Here are some general tips to remember when searching by keyword(s):

  • Less is more. More is less.
    The fewer words you search on, the larger your results will be. And -- you guessed it -- the more words you search on, the narrower your results will be. For example, a search for "manikin" will yield more results than a search for "manikin wipes."
  • No special formatting needed.
    To search on multiple words, simply leave a space between each word. You don't have to use quotation marks, commas, plus signs, or Boolean operators ("and," "or," "not") between words.
  • Spelling counts.
    Our search engine takes things very literally. So if you mistype a word, it will look for that exact spelling. If the search engine does not find that word in our database, it will deliver a "no results" screen. It will not look for the closest approximation to the word(s) you typed in.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive.
    You don't have to worry about using upper- and lowercase letters. You can type "s" or "S" in the Search field and receive the same list of products.

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3. Filtering Your Results

Once you have a list of products, you can easily filter that list by choosing an audience or a format.

Refine Your Results:

Simply choose an audience or format from the pull-down menu to filter the list. To remove the filter, simply choose "All Audiences" or "All Product Formats."

The system will only show you audiences or formats that are available based on the titles in the list.

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4. Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Advanced Search enables you to zero in on the products you want by applying a variety of search filters.

With Advanced Search, you can narrow your search by:

  • Word(s)
  • Language
  • Reading Audience
  • Brand
  • Product Format

or any or all of the above.

For example, let's say you only want to see a list of online courses related to ACLS. No books or Instructor materials -- just online courses. You would simply type "ACLS" in the Enter Word(s) box, then check the format box for "Online course" under By Product Format.

As with keywords, Advanced Search looks through our entire database, regardless of your specific field of interest.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Advanced Search:

  • For the narrowest results:
    Type a word or words in the Enter Word(s) box, then check ONE box under each of the remaining search filters.
  • For broader results:
    Type a word or words in the Enter Word(s) box, then check MORE THAN ONE box under one or more search filters.

For example, clicking more than one product format will give you more results. You'll get a results list that applies to the first product format OR the second product format.

To narrow your search, click only one product format and enter a term in the By Word(s) field.

  • For the widest search:
    Leave the By Word(s) field empty, and leave boxes unchecked in any section.

For example, if you want to find out what we offer for a particular product format, simply check the format box and hit the "Advanced Search" button. These searches generally create large results lists, so you might want to enter a word to narrow the search.

Because your search can become extremely finite with Advanced Search, you may receive no results. If this happens, try broadening your search by eliminating one or more search filters.

We do not offer results-list filtering in Advanced Search at this time.

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Frequently Asked Search Questions

Q. I've done a keyword search, and my results list is too long. How can I narrow the list?

A. You can narrow your search results by using the drop-down Audience and Product Format filters, adding more words to your search, or using Advanced Search and checking specific reading audiences or product formats.

Q. My list of results is too short. How can I get more results?

A. If you've done a keyword search, you can delete one or more words from your entry in the Search box.

If you've used Advanced Search, click more options or unclick all options in a section.

Q. I didn't get any results. Did I do something wrong?

A. You may want to recheck your spelling or item number. You can also try broadening your search as described above.

Q. To order, does my browser need to be set to "accept cookies"?

A. Yes.

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