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Product displayed: Life/form(R) First Aid Arm (LF01005U).
Products displayed: Life/form(R) Venatech IV Trainer (Light Skin) (LF01162U). Life/form(R) Pediatric Suture Head Kit (LF01047U). Life/form(R) Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope(TM) (LF01142U). Life/form(R) Adult IV Foot (LF01007U). Life/form(R) Heart Catheterization Simulator (LF01012U). Life/form(R) Adult Venipuncture And Injection Training Arm (Dark Skin) (LF00997U). Life/form(R) Blood Pressure Simulator (LF01095U).

Skills Trainers

From venipuncture skills trainers to catheterization simulators, IV practice arms to suture trainers, we have the products you need for medical and nursing simulation skills training. Follow the links above or below to shop for the products you need from Life/form and other brands.

Injections, Venipuncture, and Arterial Puncture Trainers

IV arms, hands, and even feet! Look here for venipuncture, arterial puncture, and IV practice arms perfect for use in class presentations and student skills practice.

Catheterization Trainers

These simulators allow for realistic practice in heart catheterization and male and female urinary catheter insertion -- ideal for training in these important skills without embarrassment or discomfort to patients or students.

Suturing Trainers

From basic suture practice pads to more lifelike suture trainers shaped like facial features and limbs, these products help students practice a variety of basic and advanced suturing techniques.

Skin and Wound Care Trainers

Teach wound management, bandaging, pressure ulcer care, skin cancer recognition, and more with these skin and wound care trainers and moulages.

Airway Management Trainers and Intubation Kits

Find intubation manikins and the other products you need for airway management training. We offer airway trainers and intubation kits in adult, child, and infant sizes, so you can match your supplies to your airway management training needs.

Women's Health Care Trainers

Teach essential skills for women's healthcare with these products, including cervical exam trainers, breast exam simulators, and birthing simulators.

Other Skills Trainers

Round out your supply of task trainers with products that help students learn enema administration, ECG placement, and more, including the Life/form Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope.