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Products displayed: Life/form(R) Adult Venipuncture And Injection Training Arm (Dark Skin) (LF00997U). Life/form(R) Suture And Stapling Practice Trainer Set (LF01031U). Life/form(R) Central Venous Cannulation Simulator (LF01087U). Life/form(R) Basic KERi(TM) Manikin (LF04021U). Life/form(R) Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope(TM)(LF01142U). Life/form(R) Advanced IV Hand (Dark Skin) (LF01146U). Life/form(R) First Aid Arm(LF01005U).

Medical Simulation Skills Trainers

Medical simulation in healthcare is an increasingly important part of skills training for nursing students, medical students, EMTs-in-training, and others. Turn to Channing Bete Company for the skills trainers you need most! Follow the links above or below to shop for the products you need.

Skills Trainers

We offer a variety of task trainers for nursing simulation. Find venipuncture and IV practice arms, suturing trainers, catheterization trainers, airway management and intubation trainers, and other skills trainers here.

KERi and GERi Manikins

KERi and GERi manikins are the patient simulators you need to teach an array of key patient-care skills. Available in a variety of models with a range of training capabilities, GERi and KERi manikins let students practice everything from basic washing and bandaging to auscultation of heart and lung sounds.

Other Comprehensive Patient Care Trainers

You'll find simulators that help train for the challenges of extremely low-birthweight preemies requiring multiple medical intervention, and an affordable patient care manikin that also has CPR capabilities.

Products displayed: Life/form(R) Deluxe CRiSis(TM) Manikin With Interactive ECG Simulator (LF03955U).