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Manikins and Simulators

Basic Buddy™ CPR Manikins

Products displayed: Life/form(R) Deluxe Plus CRiSis(TM) Manikin With ECG And CPR Monitoring (LF03956U). CPR Prompt(R) Training And Practice Adult/Child Manikin (Tan) (LF06003U). CPR Prompt(R) Training And Practice Adult/Child Manikin (Blue) (LF06001U). Life/form(R) Basic KERi(TM) Manikin (LF04021U). Newborn Kim (Light Skin) (2901). Rescue Randy Combat Challenge (145 lb) (1434). Basic Buddy(TM) (LF03693U).

An economical way to provide each student with his or her own manikin, the Basic Buddy™ CPR manikin from Nasco is designed for teaching individuals or large groups the lifesaving techniques of CPR. We also offer the Baby Buddy™ infant manikin for teaching infant CPR skills.

Brad Family of CPR Manikins

Brad and Paul manikins from Simulaids feature key anatomical landmarks for teaching adult and adolescent CPR, and are realistic, sanitary, and easy to use. This family of manikins also includes Newborn Kim, 6- to 9-Month-Old Kevin, and 3-Year-Old Kyle models for teaching infant and child CPR skills.

CPR Prompt® CPR Manikins

Nasco's CPR Prompt® adult/child and infant manikins feature a comprehensive design that allows for practice of the Heimlich maneuver and abdominal thrusts, as well as CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Sani-Man CPR Manikins

Sani-Man and Economy Adult Sani-Manikin models from Simulaids allow for realistic CPR training at an affordable price. We also carry Sani-Baby and Sani-Child manikins for practice of pediatric CPR skills.

Other CPR Manikins

We also offer specialty manikins, such as the "Fred" Bariatric CPR Manikin, for practicing CPR skills on a larger victim; the Full-Body CPR/Trauma Manikin, which allows for realistic victim-handling practice; and the CPR Recording Manikin, which lets Instructors monitor and record student performance during CPR training.

Rescue Randy Rescue Manikins

Lifelike full-body Rescue Randy manikins are designed for practicing rescue and extrication of adult and juvenile victims from situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for victim volunteers, such as collapsed buildings, smoke-filled rooms, and confined spaces, and in pole-top and ladder carry-down protocols worldwide.

CRiSis™ Advanced Life Support Simulators

Ideal for ACLS, PALS, nursing, paramedic, and EMT training at every level, Life/form® CRiSis™ manikins combine multiple skills stations into a single trainer to make practice more realistic. Available in various adult, child, and infant models with a range of capabilities.

Other Advanced Life Support Simulators

Find other adult and pediatric advanced life support simulators here, including STAT and SMART STAT models, and full-body and torso-only trainers.

Comprehensive Patient Care Trainers

From Micro-Preemie Simulators to KERi & GERi manikins, these are the patient simulators you need to teach an array of key patient-care skills. Available in a variety of models with a range of training capabilities, comprehensive patient care trainers let students practice everything from basic washing and bandaging to auscultation of heart and lung sounds.