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Products displayed: CPR Adult/Child and Infant Resuscitator Masks in Soft Red Case (FAK5000SGI-RED). Practi-Valve Training Valve (5000TV). Practi-Shield(TM) CPR Training Shields (WL3136). MiniKey CPR Key Chain (FAK3110). First Aid Training Pack (1200FAK). Practi-CRM Compression Rate Monitor (WLCRM). 4-inch Conforming Stretch Gauze Bandages (3104). Family First Aid Pack (FAK4100). CPR Practi-Mat(TM) 5-Pack (WNLMAT).

Barrier Devices and Other CPR and First Aid Training Equipment

Barrier Devices

We offer many CPR barrier devices for training use and for real rescues, including pocket masks, training valves, and face shields. Here are some of the products we carry:

  • CPR Prompt® Pocket Mask
  • Work 'n Leisure Adult/Child and Infant Resuscitator Masks
  • Practi-Mask Adult and Infant CPR Training Masks
  • Practi-Valve Training Valve
  • Simulaids Manikin Face Shields
  • Practi-Shield™ and Practi-Shield™ Plus CPR Training Shields
  • Patho-Shield Plus CPR Barrier and Key Chain
  • MiniKey CPR Key Chain

Other CPR and First Aid Training Equipment

We offer these supplemental products to make CPR and first aid training more comfortable and effective:

  • the convenient Practi-CRM Compression Rate Monitor, which students wear during CPR practice for instant feedback on their compression speed
  • the CPR Practi-Mat™, a soft pad that helps reduce knee pain and lower back stress as students kneel to practice compressions
  • first aid kits, bandages, and other supplies for use during first aid training, some of which may also be used for actual first aid situations.