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Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens

The Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens course is designed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for bloodborne pathogens training when paired with site-specific instruction.

Available languages: English & Spanish

Who should take Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens?

Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens is intended for people who must receive training per OSHA Standard 1910.1030 and for those who work in:

  • industry and manufacturing
  • Fortune 1500 companies
  • occupational health
  • property management
  • hospitality
  • health and fitness
  • child care
  • schools
  • maintenance
  • security
  • state corrections facilities
  • tattoo design

Course Content

Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens uses the PACT acronym and
slogan to help students learn and retain what to do when there is
danger of or has been exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace:

  • Protect yourself from exposure
  • Act when exposed
  • Clean yourself and the area involved
  • Tell or report any exposure

Concepts and skills covered in Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens include:

  • hepatitis B vaccination
  • recognizing symbols and warning labels
  • sharps disposal
  • OSHA regulations
  • postexposure care
  • common terms

Heartsaver® Bloodborne Pathogens is not a credentialed course

The course can be completed in approximately 1 hour, creating an efficient stand-alone course or add-on to first aid or CPR training. No skills test or skills demonstration is required at the end of this course. However, AHA provides an optional written exam for use if the employer requires an exam for completion.

Available in classroom-based and blended-learning formats.