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Work 'n Leisure logo Products displayed: AED Practi-TRAINER (WL220ES05). Practi-Valve Training Valve (5000TV). CPR Adult/Child and Infant Resuscitator Masks in Soft Red Case (FAK5000SGI-RED). Practi-CRM Compression Rate Monitor (WLCRM).

Work 'n Leisure

We offer a variety of Work 'n Leisure barrier devices and products for training students in CPR, AED use, and first aid. Follow the link above to shop for the products you need.

Work 'n Leisure products we carry:
  • AED Practi-TRAINER
  • AED Practi-TRAINER Essentials
  • Practi-CRM Compression Rate Monitor
  • Practi-Mask CPR Training Mask
  • Practi-Valve Training Valve
  • Practi-Mask CPR Training Mask and Valve Combo Pack
  • Practi-Shield CPR Training Shields
  • Practi-Shield Plus CPR Training Shields
  • Patho-Shield Plus CPR Barrier
  • Patho-Shield Plus Key Chain
  • CPR Adult/Child and Infant Resuscitator Masks
  • CPR Practi-Mat
  • Airways Compatible with Little Anne CPR Manikin
  • First Aid Training Pack, bandages, and other training supplies
Products displayed: AED Practi-TRAINER Essentials 4-Pack (WL120ES10-4). Family First Aid Pack (FAK4100). Practi-Shield(TM) CPR Training Shields (WL3136).