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Laerdal logo - Products displayed: Little Anne(R) QCPR Training Manikin 4-Pack (Light Skin) (124-01050). MegaCode Kelly Advanced (SimPad(R) Capable) (200-05050). Premature Anne (290-00050). Laerdal Pocket Mask in Yellow Hard Case (82001933). Baby Anne(R) CPR Training Manikin (Light Skin) 4-Pack (131-01050). Laerdal(R) Airway Management Trainer (25000033). The BAG II(TM) Adult Disposable Resuscitator w/ Adult #5 Mask (845211). Laerdal(R) ALS Baby(TM) 200 (08003140).


Turn to Channing Bete Company for a variety of products from Laerdal Medical -- with the best customer service in the business! Follow the link above to shop for the products you need.

Laerdal basic life support/CPR manikins we carry:
  • Little Anne® QCPR
  • Little Junior QCPR
  • Baby Anne®
  • Little Family Manikin Pack
  • Resusci® Anne QCPR
  • Resusci® Anne First Aid
  • Resusci® Junior QCPR
  • Resusci® Baby
  • Mini Anne Plus
Laerdal advanced life support trainers we carry:
  • MegaCode Kelly
  • MegaCode Kid
  • SimPad
  • Newborn Anne
  • Premature Anne™
  • Premature Anne™ SimPad® PLUS
  • Laerdal ALS Baby 200
  • Laerdal Airway Management Trainer
  • Laerdal Pediatric Intubation Trainer
  • Laerdal Infant Airway Management Trainer
  • Laerdal Neonatal Airway Management Trainer
  • HeartSim 200 Cardiac Rhythm Simulator
Other Laerdal products we carry:
  • The BAG II disposable bag-valve-mask (BVM) resuscitators
  • Laerdal Pocket Mask
  • Laerdal Paediatric Pocket Mask
  • Laerdal Face Shield
  • Laerdal Face Shield Key Ring
  • Laerdal PC SkillReporting System
  • Resusci Anne Training Mat
  • Laerdal LINK Training Pads