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Products displayed: Life/formĀ® CPARLENE(R) Full-Body Manikin with Electronics (LF03713U). Instructor's Economy Starter Package (2151). Laerdal(R) Airway Management Trainer (25000033). Baby Anne(R) CPR Training Manikin 4-Pack (Light Skin) (050010).

Manikins and Simulators

Products displayed:  Rescue Randy (1344). Life/form(R) Basic KERi(TM) Manikin (LF04021U). Prestan Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin (w/ CPR Monitor) (PP-AM-100M). Prestan Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin Face Shield Lung Bags (Package of 10) (PP-ALB-10). CPR Prompt(R) Training And Practice Adult/Child Manikin 5-Pack (Blue) (LF06100U).  Resusci(R) Anne/Little Anne(R) Replacement Faces (Light Skin) (310210).  CPR Prompt(R) Adult/Child Face Shield Lung Bags (LF06208U).

If you're teaching basic or advanced life support courses, you need equipment that's durable and reliable. We offer training manikins for all course levels, from community CPR to hospital-based advanced life support. Follow the links above or below to shop for the products you need.

All Basic Life Support and CPR Manikins

Call them CPR mannequins, manikins, simulators, or dummies, we have them! Our wide variety of CPR/BLS training manikins offers the best from the leading manufacturers and brands, including Prestan® manikins with optional compression rate monitor, Little Anne QCPR and other Laerdal manikins, and many others.

All Advanced Life Support Manikins

Teach advanced life support (ALS) techniques with our great selection of Life/form® CRiSis and other ALS manikins, perfect for ECC courses such as PALS and ACLS. Equipment from Simulaids, Laerdal, and other popular manufacturers of ACLS manikins is in stock and ready to ship!

All Simulators

From SMART STAT to MegaCode simulators, you'll find the perfect adult and pediatric medical simulators for your training needs -- backed by our expert account management team to help you choose the right one.

All Rescue Manikins

Rescue Randy comes in a variety of sizes and weights, and you'll find them here! Get the right rescue manikin for your fire department, military, or EMS rescue training -- we can help.

All Comprehensive Patient Care Trainers

From Micro-Preemie Simulators to KERi & GERi manikins, these are the patient simulators you need to teach an array of key patient-care skills. Available in a variety of models with a range of training capabilities, comprehensive patient care trainers let students practice everything from basic washing and bandaging to auscultation of heart and lung sounds.

All Airway Management Trainers and Intubation Kits

Teaching an airway management or ACLS course? Don't forget the airway trainers and intubation kits! They're available in adult, child, and infant sizes, so you can match your supplies to your airway management training needs.

Find manikins from the brands you trust!

Laerdal Little Anne® QCPR, Resusci®, MegaCode Kelly, Premature Anne™, and Other Manikins

We carry Resusci Baby, Resusci Junior, and torso and full-body models of Resusci Anne, plus optional upgrade limbs and accessories. We also offer economical Baby Anne, Little Junior, and Little Anne QCPR training manikins, plus MegaCode Kid and Kelly, Newborn Anne, Premature Anne™ and Premature Anne™ SimPad® Plus neonatal manikins, airway management trainers, and advanced life support manikins from Laerdal Medical.

Nasco Basic Buddy™, CPR Prompt®, CPARLENE®, and Life/form® Manikins

Nasco's Life/form and CPR Prompt manikins enhance CPR training by making it affordable to provide a manikin to every student in the class. Basic Buddy, Baby Buddy, and Professional Training manikins are lightweight yet durable, and are available individually and in economical multipacks. CPARLENE® manikins have electronics built in for real-time CPR monitoring and feedback with the optional CPR Metrix Control Box.

Life/form® CRiSis™ ALS Trainers

This unique, modular line of ALS manikins offers a variety of adult, child, and infant manikins that combine multiple ALS skills in a single trainer. Or choose a basic model and upgrade it with optional components -- such as advanced airway management or ECG simulation -- when your needs change.

Prestan Ultralite® and Professional CPR-AED Manikins with Optional CPR Rate Monitor

Prestan® CPR manikins offer unique features that Instructors love. Available in adult, child, and infant sizes and a variety of skin tones, Prestan Professional manikins feature an optional built-in compression rate monitor that provides instant visual feedback to students and Instructors. Prestan Ultralite® Manikins offer a lightweight yet durable option for on-the-go training. And all Prestan manikins feature a unique clamshell design that makes inserting face shield lung bags quick and easy.

Simulaids Sani-Man, Brad, STAT, Rescue Randy, Econo CPR Trainer with Visual Training Assistant, and Other Manikins

We offer a variety of adult and pediatric manikins from Simulaids. Basic life support manikins include Sani-Man, Brad, Paul, the Econo CPR Trainer with Visual Training Assistant (VTA), and the CPR Recording Manikin. Advanced life support models include SMART STAT Basic with iPad®, STAT Baby, and adult and pediatric intubation trainers. Plus, there's Rescue Randy, the adult manikin that's available in a range of sizes and weights for realistic extrication and rescue training.

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