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Products displayed: Laerdal Pocket Mask w/ Oxygen Inlet, Head Strap, Gloves, and Wipe in Yellow Hard Case (83001133). CPR Prompt(R) Key Chain Barrier Device (LF06948U). Laerdal(R) Face Shield Key Ring (460008).

Barrier Devices

Help students and rescuers prevent the spread of germs both in the classroom and in real-life rescues with these practical barrier devices. Follow the links above or below to shop for the products you need.

Products displayed: CPR Adult/Child Resuscitator Mask In Hard Red Case (FAK5000G-RED). Rescue Mask Training Adaptor (10076-PPA). Practi-Shield(TM) Plus CPR Training Shields (WL3150P).

All Pocket Masks and Valves

We offer pocket masks and replacement CPR valves for both rescue and training use. From affordable multipacks of training masks and valves to pocket face masks with features like oxygen inlets and head straps, we have the products you need from a variety of leading manufacturers.

All Shields and Other Barrier Devices

Find manikin face shields for sanitary training here, plus convenient CPR keychain masks that let rescuers keep a barrier device on hand at all times! Look for Laerdal, Ambu, Revive-Aid, and other face shield brands at the link above.

Find pocket masks and barrier devices from the brands you trust!

Ambu Res-Cue Masks

Ambu CPR masks and keychain barriers provide excellent protection to students and rescuers during resuscitations. Ambu masks are available in adult/child and infant sizes, and the convenient Ambu Res-Cue Key comes in a compact pouch with a key ring, so it's always ready to grab in an emergency.

Laerdal Pocket Masks and Face Shields

The Laerdal Pocket Mask and Laerdal Paediatric Pocket Mask offer reliable protection for rescuers and students, and are available in packages with wipes, gloves, and a hard or soft case. The Laerdal Face Shield and Face Shield Key Ring offer convenient protection on the go.

Nasco CPR Prompt® Pocket Mask and Key Chain Barrier Device

We offer a selection of CPR breathing barriers from Nasco, including CPR pocket masks and CPR barrier devices. These CPR Prompt products offer a choice of ways to provide protection to rescuers and students.

Prestan CPR Practice Shields and Rescue Mask Training Adaptor

CPR Practice Shields from Prestan® are an affordable CPR face shield option to protect students during resuscitation training. And if students are practicing CPR with a mask, let them safely share a single mask by giving each of them his or her own Rescue Mask Training Adaptor.

Work 'n Leisure Practi-MASK®, Practi-VALVE®, Patho-Shield Plus, and Other Barrier Devices

We carry Practi-MASK, Practi-VALVE, and Practi-SHIELD™ training products from Work and Leisure, as well as CPR Adult/Child and Infant Resuscitator Masks and Patho-Shield Plus barrier devices.