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Product displayed: AED Practi-TRAINER (WL220ES05)
Products displayed: Prestan(R) Professional AED Trainer PLUS (PP-AEDT2-101). HeartStart FR2 AED Trainer (M3752A). LIFEPAK(R) CRPlus AED Trainer System (11250-73).

AED Trainers

Power up your basic or advanced life support courses with these hardworking AED trainers! These realistic, cost-effective defibrillation trainers help prepare students to operate an AED in the event of a cardiac emergency -- without a shock to the student or your budget. Follow the links above or below to explore our selection of trainers and accessories.

All AED Trainers

Compare all the different defibrillation trainers we offer in one convenient place! Look for universal AED trainers like Work 'n Leisure's AED Practi-TRAINER and the Prestan Professional AED Trainer, as well as trainers for specific AED models like Philips HeartStart, LIFEPAK, and other brands.

Philips HeartStart AED Trainers

We offer multiple Philips AED trainers -- the HeartStart FR2 AED Trainer, the HeartStart FR3 AED Trainer, and the HeartStart OnSite AED Trainer -- plus pediatric and adult training pads, remote controls, carrying cases, and more for all three HeartStart trainers.

Physio-Control LIFEPAK® AED Trainers

The LIFEPAK® CR Plus AED Training System from Physio-Control is ready to go to work for you. Find the LIFEPAK trainer and its associated electrode training pads, cables, and more at the link above.

Prestan® AED Trainers

Prestan offers universal AED trainers that teach students to use any type of AED. The Prestan® Professional AED Trainer PLUS is a full-size trainer that features both child and adult modes and a replaceable scenario/language module for easy upgrade anytime AED protocols are updated. The Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™ is an affordable, compact option that features a child defibrillation mode and combined adult/child pads. Both are available individually and in money-saving 4-packs.

Work 'n Leisure AED Practi-TRAINER® Series

Prepare responders to use whatever AED is on hand during an emergency with the AED Practi-TRAINER® from Work 'n Leisure. This flexible trainer includes eight preprogrammed scenarios, built-in English and Spanish options, a replaceable language/scenario module, and more. And don't miss the AED Practi-TRAINER® Essentials -- affordable and compact enough to bring a trainer for every student in class.

ZOLL AED Plus® Trainer2

This AED trainer features Real CPR Help® technology, a built-in metronome, a remote that can control multiple units at once, and much more, and prepares rescuers to use the ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator when a cardiac emergency strikes.