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Life/form(R) First Aid Arm (LF01005U)

Bleeding Control Training Products

Bleeding control is an essential lifesaving skill that can be taught in conjunction with other courses or as a standalone course offering. The basics of bleeding control are simply:

1. wear gloves
2. apply direct pressure to the wound
3. if pressure doesn't work, use a tourniquet

But you can go beyond the basics by using bleeding control trainers and moulages to make the training more true to life. Lay rescuers will have the confidence to act fast when faced with bleeding wounds until first-responders arrive. EMTs and other professional responders will gain valuable lifelike training in the treatment of complex wounds. All communities can benefit from having more people who know how to "stop the bleed" in the event of accidents and emergencies.

Products displayed: Z-Medica(R) Trauma Trainer (100851). Bleeding Control Training Kit (1200-BCTK). Xtreme Trauma Moulage Arm (642). Training Tourniquet 25-Pack (1200-TOURN25). Trauma Moulage Kit (6701). Pediatric Trauma Modules For MegaCode Kid (277-00001)

Low-Cost Training Supplies

These are the supplies students need to use to practice bleeding control -- gloves, training tourniquets, bandages, and more -- available in convenient kits for every student and as separate items to purchase in bulk. Stock up on these items for bleeding control training and add them to your current first aid training too!

Wound-Care Trainers

Gunshot wounds, compound fractures, amputations, and more -- these affordable trainers help equip first responders and healthcare professionals with skills to treat multiple and complex bleeding wounds -- and prepare lay responders for what they might face in real-world emergencies.

Moulage Kits

These mock injuries can be applied to any manikin or used on volunteers to simulate different kinds of bleeding wounds, making bleeding control training more effective for both healthcare providers and lay-responders. We carry a variety of kits for different training scenarios, from simple bandaging to combat casualties.

Manikin Trauma Upgrades

Existing manikins can be upgraded for realistic bleeding-control training with these add-on modules that simulate packable wounds, pressure-dressing wounds, evisceration wounds, sucking wounds, amputations, and more. Some are for specific manikins -- including Rescue Randy Large Body Manikins and Resusci® Anne -- others can be used on many different adult manikins, including MegaCode Kelly.

Bleeding Control Training & Heartsaver® Courses

If you're teaching Heartsaver® First Aid or Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED, you're already teaching basic bleeding control techniques. By introducing realistic bleeding control training products when you teach these essential skills, you can go beyond the basics to make training even more effective and memorable -- and make it more likely lay rescuers will have the presence of mind to respond quickly and appropriately in bleeding emergencies.