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Products displayed: Heartsaver(R) First Aid CPR AED Student Workbook (15-1018). Bleeding Control Training Kit (1200-BCTK). Z-Medica(R) Trauma Trainer (100851). Simulated Coagulant Blood (4 oz) (226). Hand Amputation Trainer (621). Trauma Moulage Kit (6701).

Bleeding Control Training & Heartsaver® Courses

A low-cost way to equip lay responders with even more valuable lifesaving skills!

Heartsaver® First Aid and Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED courses already cover bleeding control training for lay responders, which is simply:

1. wear gloves
2. apply direct pressure to the wound
3. if pressure doesn't work, use a tourniquet.

By introducing realistic bleeding control training products when you teach these essential skills, you can go beyond the basics to make training even more effective and memorable -- and make it more likely lay rescuers will have the presence of mind to respond quickly and appropriately in bleeding emergencies.

Simply purchase low-cost supply kits that pull together the materials each student will use to get the most out of bleeding control training -- gloves, training tourniquets, absorbent gauze bandages, and more -- and affordable wound trainers and moulage kits so that students can practice bleeding control that mimics real-world emergencies.

Click the links below to find all the Heartsaver course materials you need along with a selection of bleeding control training products to choose from.

Bleeding Control Training & Heartsaver® First Aid
Bleeding Control Training & Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED