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CPR Prompt(R) logo, Life/form(R) logo - Products displayed: CPR Prompt(R) Training And Practice Adult/Child Manikin 5-Pack (Blue) (LF06100U). Life/form(R) Advanced Venipuncture And Injection Arm (Light Skin) (LF01121U). Basic Buddy(TM) 5-Pack (LF03694U). Life/form(R) Basic GERi(TM) Manikin (LF04040U). Life/form(R) Suture And Stapling Practice Leg (LF01034U).


Channing Bete Company offers the Nasco CPR manikins, barrier devices, and Nasco Life/form medical simulation skills trainers you need! Follow the link above to shop for the products you need, and choose the "Product Details" link on most product pages to learn more about that product's features and benefits.

Nasco basic life support/CPR manikins we carry:
  • CPR Prompt Training And Practice Adult/Child Manikins
  • CPR Prompt Training And Practice Infant Manikins
  • Basic Buddy
  • Baby Buddy
  • Fred
  • CPR Prompt Professional AED Training System
Nasco Life/form medical simulation skills trainers for training in:
  • Injections, venipuncture, and arterial puncture
  • Cardiac and urinary catheterization
  • Suturing
  • Skin and wound care
  • Auscultation of heart and lung sounds
  • ECG placement
  • Women's healthcare
  • Comprehensive patient care (KERi and GERi patient simulators)
Other Nasco products we carry:
  • CRiSis manikins
  • CPR Prompt Pocket Mask
  • CPR Prompt Key Chain Barrier Device
  • Compact Rescue Kit
  • CPR Prompt Face Shield Lung Bag Insertion Tool
  • Baby Buddy Lung Bag Insertion Tool
  • Manikin carrying bags
Products displayed: Life/form(R) Deluxe CRiSis(TM) Manikin With Interactive ECG Simulator (LF03955U). CPR Prompt(R) Pocket Mask (LF06946U).