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Laerdal logo - Products displayed: Little Anne(R) CPR Training Manikin 4-Pack (Light Skin) (121-01050). MegaCode Kelly Advanced (SimPad(R) Capable) (200-05050). Laerdal Pocket Mask in Yellow Hard Case (82001933). Baby Anne(TM) CPR Training Manikin (Light Skin) 4-Pack (050010). Premature Anne (290-00050). Laerdal(R) Airway Management Trainer (25000033). The BAG II(TM) Adult Disposable Resuscitator w/ Adult #5 Mask (845211). Laerdal(R) ALS Baby(TM) 200 (08003140).


Turn to Channing Bete Company for a variety of products from Laerdal Medical -- with the best customer service in the business! Follow the link above to shop for the products you need, and choose the "Product Details" link on most product pages to learn more about that product's features and benefits.

Laerdal basic life support/CPR manikins we carry:
  • Little Anne
  • Little Junior
  • Baby Anne
  • Little Family Manikin Pack
  • Resusci Anne
  • Resusci Junior
  • Resusci Baby
  • Mini Anne Plus
Laerdal advanced life support trainers we carry:
  • MegaCode Kelly
  • MegaCode Kid
  • SimPad
  • Newborn Anne
  • Premature Anne™
  • Premature Anne™ SimPad® Plus
  • Laerdal ALS Baby 200
  • Laerdal Airway Management Trainer
  • Laerdal Pediatric Intubation Trainer
  • Laerdal Infant Airway Management Trainer
  • Laerdal Neonatal Airway Management Trainer
  • HeartSim 200 Cardiac Rhythm Simulator
Other Laerdal products we carry:
  • The BAG II disposable bag-valve-mask (BVM) resuscitators
  • Laerdal Pocket Mask
  • Laerdal Paediatric Pocket Mask
  • Laerdal Face Shield
  • Laerdal Face Shield Key Ring
  • Laerdal PC SkillReporting System
  • Resusci Anne Training Mat
  • Laerdal LINK Training Pads